15th International Conference on
Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

May 15-19, 2011 – Hyatt Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, California

A forum for developing & promoting common ground
in advancing nuclear energy systems

The 15th ICENES is being hosted by the Northern California Section of the American Nuclear Society and two ANS Technical Divisions – Fusion Energy Division and Operations & Power Division. ICENES has a long history as a venue for sharing ideas and research results on emerging nuclear energy technologies and applications. The complete list of conference topics is given at the link to the left. The 2011 ICENES will focus on topics that intersect the interests of researchers and leaders in fusion and fission energy systems. Keynote, invited and contributed talks and poster presentations will cover:

  • Broad Interest Topics
    Energy policy, energy demand, international developments, resource utilization/sustainability
  • Fusion Systems and Applications
    Inertial and magnetic fusion energy, hybrids, waste burners
  • Fission Systems and Applications
    Evolutionary and transformational concepts, including high temperature reactors, breeders
  • Improving Technical Performance
    Energy efficiency, advanced power cycles, material performance
  • Safety and Environment
    Licensing, used fuel and waste options, recycling, reuse, clearance
  • Operations and Economics
    Construction cost and time, fuel cycle costs, O&M experience

ICENES Series Chair
Jose-Maria Martínez-Val - Instituto de Fusion Nuclear/Spain

2011 Conference Chair
Wayne Meier - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/USA

Hosted by

The National Ignition Facility Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory
American Nuclear Society Northern California Section American Nuclear Society